The JDJ Creative annual report design process

In part 5 of our annual report design blog series, we show you our own approach to the creative process.

JDJ Creative are annual report design specialists. In this series of articles, we look at best practices regarding the design of these documents. In our previous article, we provided you with some design best practices for an engaging report. In this article, we look at the process JDJ follow when creating an awesome report…

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  1. Why create an exceptional annual report
  2. Planning your report
  3. Choosing the right channel
  4. Design pointers
  5. The JDJ process
  6. Disseminating your annual report

Key stages of annual report design

Our process for creating your annual report is defined by distinct phases that ensure timely decision making and deliver remarkable results. To ensure all milestones are met, we will invite you to access our project management system. We dedicate a project manager to your annual report project who serves as your key point of contact.

[Infographic] The key stages of annual report design

Stage 1: Research
Detailed research encompasses your sector and target audience. Interviews with key stakeholders ensure buy-in and help with content development. You assign your project manager, to manage the project from your side. JDJ create the right project team – including copywriters and photographers.

Stage 2: Briefing and timelines
You share your creative brief, establishing media and channels. JDJ work in partnership to agree milestones and set delivery timelines, incorporating key stakeholder approvals.

Stage 3: Creative foundations
Time for pagination planning. JDJ establish visual themes and a visual language for graphs, diagrams and infographics. Initial layouts are created.

Stage 4: First draft
The first draft is ready for proofreading. Initial content edits and data checks are made. Our defined processes ensure version control. Launch plans are laid.

Stage 5: Final checks to launch

JDJ make any content revisions before final review of content and data. JDJ prepare files for print or upload and check printer or developer delivery schedules. Get ready for launch!

Annual report front covers

Collaboration in design

Great outcomes require vision, commitment and collaboration.

The report creation process demands a combination of research, strategic thinking, design excellence and project management skills. It requires patience, an obsession with getting it right and an ability to synthesise vast amounts of information.

No matter the nature of your business or the complexity of your reporting requirements, our process can be adapted to meet your specific engagement needs.

Part 4
Design pointers
Part 6
Disseminating your annual report

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