Radiance colour book

For a brief moment, I’m going to encourage you to stop reading this post and take a look around at the things you treasure. Most often, the things that mean something to us are tactile. There is a sense of permanence that digital lacks.

Radiance is a lovingly produced title that shows how a print-focused campaign can thrive in a digital era through a passionate concern for detail. A book is first an advertisement, an experience, and a souvenir. In the first instance a book relies on its appearance to pull you in.

Once contact is made and book meets skin the experience begins. This kind of experience is why we keep books; they are souvenirs that return us to that moment of first contact. From the outset, we imagined a heavy stock reading experience, although we didn’t plan to create something this expensive, we just envisioned the end result and couldn’t go back especially after the feeling these superior papers had.

A physical book addresses itself to two of our senses; sight and touch
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We weren’t going to compromise on quality for a price point. We’re in a world where image and attention to detail is key.

Radiance boasts luxurious papers and printing effects with photography and content to match.

We wanted to create something unique. With there being so much noise out there, we needed a clever idea that would have a long shelf life.

There is still a market for print in what is described as the digital age. If there is a subject that seduces an audience with a passion for something they are interested in, there is no medium like print. There is still an equal place for tradition in the 21st century. We wanted to make something that was worth holding in your hand that people would love and use for a long time.

It's very fulfilling to see the fruits of one's labour in a physical format.