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In Search of Wonder® has long been our tagline and company ethos.

Now through our new campaign, we're showcasing others who are searching for wonder, right here in our great city of Cambridge.


Wonder • Noun • /ˈwʌn.dər/ • a feeling of great surprise and admiration caused by seeing or experiencing something that is strange and new.

What does In Search of Wonder® mean?

In search of wonder® is a journey. It’s a pursuit of the unknown. The adventure of discovery. It’s asking questions. Wanting to learn more. A childlike curiosity manifested in a grown-up world. It’s pushing boundaries to see what happens. It’s exciting. It’s innovative. And it’s happening right here, right now…

Historic in its architecture, our great city of Cambridge has long been established as a seat of learning. Some of the most distinguished minds from all of humankind have studied in its ancient halls. They’ve learnt theory developed over generations; but more importantly, they’ve questioned everything.

From Isaac Newton’s discoveries about light and gravitation to Robert Edwards’s research into IVF, outstanding individuals have advanced the world from inside this city’s walls. Even today the tech that powers our lives is created right here in the heart of Silicon Fen.

Yet Cambridge is more than a scientific and mathematical hub. It’s a vibrant metropolis of creativity and expression.

Through our In Search of Wonder® campaign, we aim to open the door to those companies pushing boundaries, each and every day. We want to show all that Cambridge can offer. Not just in the science and tech sphere, but in art and design and even more diverse sectors.

Big businesses think you need to travel to London to find creativity.

But they’re wrong.

There’s a plenitude of innovation and inventiveness to be found here, right on our doorstep.

It’s in the musicians forming bands in our city pubs, the actors treading the boards of our theatres and the modern sculptures erected outside age-old buildings. It’s in the region’s design agencies and its product developers. It’s all around us.

And through our search for wonder, we intend to shine a light on it and showcase it to the world.

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We want to put Cambridge on the map for design. To highlight the innovation happening in our city.

How are we celebrating companies who are in search of wonder?

We’re creating a dedicated microsite to delve deeper into the wonder all around us.

We’ll interview some of the key players making beautiful designs in our region. Through in-depth case studies, we’ll profile the brands that are constantly instigating change. And we’ll promote these far and wide via social media, itself a wondrous achievement.

In Search of Wonder® Lifetime Achievement award

In addition, we’re also sponsoring the In Search of Wonder Lifetime Achievement award at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards. This is an award that will celebrate someone who has made a ‘significant and lasting difference to their field or sector’.

The recipient is sure to be exactly the type of person who encapsulates the in search of wonder ethos.

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