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JDJ Creative empowers businesses to promote their brand, products and services through printed or digital brochure design.

While companies have traditionally relied on printed brochures, increasingly digital documents are gaining in popularity. Whether a bound book embellished with decorative print finishes, a digital pdf with interactive elements or a bespoke microsite, JDJ will create sales brochures to engage your audience and help you close a deal.

An effective brochure can continue to sell a product to potential customers, long after the sales pitch has ended

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Because brochures are packed full of striking photography and colourful graphics, JDJ Creative works with you to create visual experiences that inspire your customers, showcasing your products or services to their fullest and encouraging further action on their part. With over 10 years of experience designing brochures for companies across many industries, we tailor our designs to each unique audience.

Our approach to design is collaborative, with user experience at the forefront. From the shape and feel of the document right through to the type of photography used - together we will create a brochure to capture the imagination.

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The tactility of printed brochures vs the immediacy of digital brochures


There's a number of reasons printed brochures have survived the digital revolution. With a whole range of paper stock and decorative print finishes to choose from, printed brochures represent luxury. When holding a beautifully designed brochure printed on thick paper stock and embellished with embossed elements and metallic foiling, your audience will have all their senses tantalised.

These are works of art that can be taken away from a showroom, and which wouldn’t look out of place on a coffee table. They demand attention and are a tactile representation of quality.


For fast distribution, digital brochures are unrivalled. Emailed with a quote, or downloaded directly from your website, they arrive immediately, with interactive elements making it easy for customers to purchase in just a couple of clicks.

Alternatively, a dedicated microsite can be an effective medium for displaying your full product range to its fullest.

JDJ Creative provides digital pdf versions of all our brochures, allowing brands to take a two-pronged approach to distribution, combining the interactivity of digital versions with the tactile feel of your printed collateral.

Print and digital brochure design from JDJ Creative

One of your business’s most impactful and versatile marketing tools, brochures are as important today as ever. With experience creating brochures in print and digital formats, for businesses in a wide range of market sectors, our Cambridge based design agency collaborates with brands worldwide to design promotional literature which maximises engagement. If you want to make your brochure a success, please contact a member of our team.

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