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A bespoke brand design agency, JDJ Creative works with your organisation to create a strategy and identity that quickly generates trust with new customers while extending brand affinity with established stakeholders.

A full-service Cambridge branding agency

Our approach to brand is more than just visual. We assist your brand to form personalities; living compositions that tell stories, evoke emotions and connect with people.

We help your business to establish ‘why’ your organisation exists and align that purpose with clear brand messaging that resonates with your target audience.

Exploring possibilities through brand positioning, messaging and visual identity design

JDJ collaborates with your business to create a unique brand for your business, products and services, empowering you to establish new connections and retain existing customers. In short, we work with you to create a brand that your customers can trust.

We do this by undertaking a visual exploration, using our years of experience to develop your ideas and evolve them into concepts that transcend colour and language. Your corporate identity reflects your business’s individual brand purpose. It is your community symbol, one that will inspire trust amongst your audience and one that people feel compelled to share. We’ll support your business to create a brand identity that you can wear with pride.

How JDJ Creative can help design your brand

As a creative graphic design agency, JDJ Creative has a wealth of experience supporting businesses of all sizes with their branding problems.

If you choose to partner with us, we can offer the following services:

Brand positioning & messaging // Brand strategy // Brand visual identity // Logo design // Brand guidelines

Create your brand strategy and communicate clearly with JDJ Creative - a brand visual identity design agency

Based in Cambridge, JDJ Creative has extensive experience assisting businesses across the globe to create effective brand messaging and long-term strategies. To discuss your branding needs, please get in touch with our friendly team today at or fill in our contact form.

Branding Design Process

A brief overview, complexity varies
Brand discovery

Through interviews with key management, researching stakeholders needs and evaluating existing brand architecture, we understand your purpose, vision, mission and values.

Clarify strategy

By incorporating our findings, we can develop a positioning platform from which to create brand attributes, write a creative brief and develop key messages.

Design identity

We visualise the future and brainstorm the "big idea", to enable us to create a brand identity and finalise a brand architecture, resulting in a full set of logos and an essential style guide.

Create assets

Using the style guide we develop the standards and guidelines to create a full set of brand guidelines and roll out branded assets, such as corporate stationery, marketing collateral and website design.

Brand launch

Your brand is ready to launch! We'll help to develop a launch strategy and plan in order to build synergy around the new brand, both internally and externally,

What we need from you to get started

Brand guidelines

It helps us convey your brand personality and align with your positioning strategy. Consistency is key.


Astute project management is critical. We'll assign a team and set some milestones to ensure we meet the deadlines.

Communication goals

The creative brief synthesises what the creative team needs to know in order for the work to be aligned with the overall objectives.

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