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Data Visualisation

JDJ Creative works with brands to transform big data into easy to access graphical content through beautiful data visualisation techniques.

Making data beautiful

Whether data-heavy dashboards, infographics or interactive reports, we work alongside your developers to design cutting edge panels and graphics which enable your audience to explore and quickly understand the information being presented.

Artistic design in data visualisation

The world revolves around data. Through innovative designs created with UI and UX front of mind, JDJ collaborates with your data scientists and data visualisation developers to plan design systems, visual language and patterns that will enhance your dashboards through visual art.

With experience designing screens for web applications, websites and other interactive media, we take the time to understand your data and how it is used in real-life situations. This allows us to create design solutions that both communicate your information in the most logical way, and are simple to scale and expand.

Often displayed as large screens or displays, we create intuitive designs that can be static, animated or interactive, allowing for maximum engagement and usability.

Transform big data with JDJ Creative - a data visualisation agency

At JDJ we take pride in our ability to make complex data accessible through UX design. Using your own data analysis and data science, we are experts at bringing data to life through cutting-edge technologies. If you want to display your data visually, in a way that revolutionises the information you're communicating, please speak to our friendly team today at or fill in our contact form.

Production Process

A brief overview, complexity varies

We take time to understand the data you are trying to visualise, to help influence the design process.


Using your brand guidelines, we'll create data visualisations that both present your data in an engaging, user-friendly way and are instantly recognisable as your brand.


We'll supply the source files to allow your data to be updated in real-time without losing design integrity.

What we need from you to get started

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