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JDJ help brands to communicate complex ideas swiftly and dynamically through on-brand infographic design and creatively designed graphical elements.

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In the digital world, there are many ways to disseminate information. Text, speech and visuals are all proven methods for efficiently communicating data independently.

However, to convey complex information most effectively, a combination of these elements will create designs that are both stunning to look at and act as powerful communication tools.

Visualise data in a beautiful way

There are many ways we help brands to visualise their data, with infographics - a combination of information and graphic - being a particularly visually pleasing storytelling device. When incorporated into business reports, website design and integrated marketing campaigns these infographics can increase retention by 200%.

Because they’re so easy to digest, infographics are the fourth most used type of content marketing. They're also perfect for social media. Interesting enough to catch the eye while scrolling, but simple enough to be absorbed. With a powerful heading, great copy and inspiring design, these pieces will be shared, raising brand awareness and spreading your message far and wide.

Our graphic designers enjoy making data beautiful. Through infographics in printed documents or interactive video for digital media, JDJ work with your research and copywriting teams to create designs that demonstrate your data in a user-friendly and visually beautiful way.

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Infographics in annual report design and thought leadership

Annual reports can read as monotonous banks of text and numerals, interesting only to financial experts. For a report to be accessible to the widest spectrum it requires more accessible information. Bite-size graphics, interactive charts and infographics can be consumed quickly but convey information that lasts longer than text alone. Using brand and creativity, these data visualisation techniques can transform a boring financial or sustainability report into an invaluable document.

Thought leadership materials, insights and papers are by their nature composed of analysis and statistical data. In their rawest form, these numbers and responses can be uninspiring, but in a graphical format, they can be beautiful. Infographics possess the ability to communicate complex information in a simple and visually pleasing way. Charts and graphs meanwhile, can be represented in increasingly innovative forms, creating elegant designs which are both on-brand and inspiring.

How JDJ can help bring your data to life through infographic design

Interactive web infographics // Report infographics // Brochure infographics // Infographics for social media // Dashboards // Interactive maps // Data animation

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Production Process

A brief overview, complexity varies

We take time to understand the information you are trying to promote, to help influence the design process.


Using your brand guidelines, we'll create infographics that both present your data in an engaging way and are instantly recognisable as your brand.


We'll supply your infographics in your chosen format and size depending on your chosen distribution channels.

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