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UX/UI Design

JDJ work in partnership with your internal UX teams to create User Interface designs and a visual language that enables you to guide your customers efficiently towards their desired goals.

Intuitive user experiences

With our proven expertise, we create interfaces, web pages and dashboards which lead to a simple, pleasurable and effective digital experience.

By putting the user first in everything we create, we generate the best outcome, both for our clients and the users themselves.

User experience in design

We work alongside your internal teams to understand any usability issues you detect your customer base is encountering during their journey flow. We then use this information to plan a visual identity and effective design solutions, both for now and in the future.

Our previous experience working on the full process of UX and UI development means we bring more to the table than just a design interface that looks good.

With a thorough ideation process and rigorous testing phase, we aim to continually improve the user experience, through regular and ongoing design sprints. Not only do we take your plans and develop them into something visually pleasing, but we make sure that the functionality remains clear and seamless for the user.

UX and UI design from JDJ Creative

As a digital design agency, we have extensive experience in website and app design. Indeed, user interface design and user experience are always in mind when designing any print or digital assets. If you wish to collaborate with us on your next UI or UX design project, please get in touch for an informal chat today at or fill in our contact form.

Production Process

A brief overview, complexity varies

We undertake detailed research to fully understand the task, including interviews with key stakeholders to understand the technology and any limitations to the design. We discuss the priority screens first and use these as a basis to test the styling further down the line.

Create UI inventory

We build a catalogue of reusable components, including patterns, colours, text styles, icons and grid systems. This will reveal any inconsistencies in design language to be discussed with key stakeholders.

Build style properties for design system

Colours, typographic scale, grid styles and iconography impact all areas of your design system. Finalising these elements eliminates inconsistencies and ensures consistent information architecture across all products. These are then applied to some priority screens to test the UI internally.

Build first design system pattern

Building some design system pattern is an iterative process. After identifying the best architecture for your pattern library, we build each pattern one by one.

Run sprint retrospective

Regular retrospective sprints will analyse progress, allow for necessary improvements and ensure the entire team remain aligned with the vision.

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