11 November 2020

Pollen: Preparation,

Our pollen process is designed to guide clients through the planning stage of their web design projects, prompting discussion and ensuring no elements are missed.

The key points...

  • JDJ's Pollen process are essential tools during the planning stages of a web design project

  • Our process is designed to stimulate discussion and ensure all the essential elements are considered and prepared

Web design project planning process

As part of our ongoing search for wonder, we are always looking for ways to improve how we work and the results we achieve. The most effective projects are always the result of collaboration and helping our clients feel part of the process from the outset.

For this reason, we created Pollen – a series of task-directed training and planning decks – that help both us as a design agency and our clients ensure every project we undertake has the correct, most productive start possible. With Pollen, you have an education, training and execution tool at your disposal.

What is the JDJ Creative Pollen design process?

Our Pollen process is a set of steps designed to promote thought and discussion at the planning stage of a design project. Encompassing all elements of the six stages of the web design process, our Pollen process encourages discussion about the brief, project planning, the design itself, development, project launch and ongoing maintenance.

The planning stage is one of the most important in any project, and that’s no different in design. Ensuring clear goals are set, timelines are in place, and both designer and client are on the same page are essential in the smooth running of a successful assignment.

Whether designing a website, the Pollen process stimulates discussion and ensures all the essential elements are considered and prepared at the beginning.

Preparation, cOLLaboration, ExecutioN

The benefits of the Pollen process…

The Pollen process is invaluable to agencies, freelancers and clients alike, because:

  • It is concentrated, condensed wisdom. Our processes capture best practice on diverse topics and help clients be involved from the start
  • It is a proven way to ensure all vital steps in a project are considered, planned for and completed. Each step offers a clear process to follow to ensure nothing is missed
  • It is an invaluable training aid for clients who require that assistance; and where client team skills differ, it helps bridge that gap

  • It saves time and helps focus discussion to dramatically improve the productivity of client meetings
  • It helps break down the most complex projects into a series of clear, logical and manageable steps

In summary…

Each step of the process has been considered to ensure everyone involved in a project knows what they have to do and how to do it. Having a process like Pollen helps any project go smoothly and produces consistently high results.

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